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I am pursuing a business degree because I love working with numbers and enjoy finding ways to grow a business and make it successful. I’m eager to explore the working of financial management and learn how to grow a company’s and single individuals’ investments through different markets. Interpreting and making sense of particular numbers and economic signals have always interested me. It is my passion to succeed in the business world and create the best opportunities for myself by attending an elite university in that field.
I’m thrilled to pursue my undergraduate academic goal at Indiana University. I plan on taking on a Business major, specifically Finance and Marketing. The Kelley School of Business is my college of choice, and I strive to get accepted into the program after my sophomore year. I’ve encountered many challenges in pursuit of my education and always do my best to overcome them. My biggest challenge was proving to myself that I was ready to conquer the rigor of a more demanding schedule.
My freshman year came and I didn’t expect any academic issues. I’d been recommended for all average level classes, but inside I desired to be more than just average. After freshman year, I decided to side step my counselor’s recommendation by taking my first AP class. My challenge was set and I was ready to prove my capabilities to myself. On the first day, AP Human Geography surprised me. I was surprised to see the new faces of students whom had already been on an AP track, which made me nervous and uncomfortable, making me doubt whether I made the right decision. I