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Writer Gray, Mendoza, Skoog, Todd Section Descriptions Poor No Credit Fair Partial Credit Excellent Full Credit Points PossibleTitle and Table of ContentsDescribes the lab content concisely, adequately, appropriately44Introduction (this section should include at least 1 citation)Identifies and explains the scientific concepts related to this lab, with proper use of paragraph(s).1414Presents objective(s) and goal(s) of the lab (very short paragraph with no explanations)88States hypothesis/prediction and provides scientific reasoning for it1010MethodsDescribes the procedure used to gather data1010Gives enough details to allow for replication88Explains how the procedure will be used to verify the hypothesis88When applicable, provides equations used for calculating data44Results Avoid any reference to hypothesis in this sectionBegins with summary of data without referring to hypothesis88Presents verbal narrative that summarizes all figures used88Selects specific data to include in the summary (avoids including all data) 88Presents data table(s) with appropriate title(s) and units 88Presents graph(s) with appropriate title(s), units spacing, axis determination88DiscussionOpens with effective comparison of results and hypothesis88Restates the purpose of the lab by addressing what has been learned1010Discusses the specific data highlighted in the results section1414Explains the results by connecting them to the scientific concepts mentioned in the introduction12 14Suggests a further investigations that provides a new purpose, alterations in procedure, and predicts (and explains) results