Izzy: Education and High School Essay

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I will be attending Saint Ursula Academy for high school. I chose Ursula because it achieves the expectations I want in a high school. In my four years of high school I hope to discover who I really am as a person and adventure off. I believe Ursula will help me accomplish finding who I really am because the school is open to anything you believe. The teachers will support and help individuals in any way they can, to make students comfortable about themselves moreover express their inner selves. Ursula is an all-girls, catholic school; I am glad for this because there will be no boys in classes and in the school. Not to mention, an all girls school is also excellent because I can just wake up and not have to worry about the way I look or what I wear. Another reason I that I will enjoy about an all-girls school is because I can strongly express who I am and not have to worry about what I say or the actions I may make. Also, I think it helps students concentrate on their school work better. I strongly feel that all of these attributes in the school will strongly encourage me to be proud of myself and not be afraid to show people who I really am. In addition, Saint Ursula Academy encourages and gives the opportunity for individuals to adventure off in life. The high school does this by having clubs, sports, and a variety of girls Ursula accepts from different grade schools in the city. Ursula offers a large variety of clubs for students to join like community service,