J. J Watt: A Defensive End In Football History

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Justin James Watt is perhaps one of the most recognized defensive ends in football history. He is a defensive end in the National Football League who plays for the Houston Texans which is a very good team. Nevertheless, he doesn’t go by his birth name instead he goes for his nickname J.J Watt as almost every person in the world knows him as. J.J Watt was born on March 22, 1989 in Waukesha, Wisconsin since he was born in the United States his nationality is considered American. When he was a child, he was very involved in sports just like his brothers. He played in hockey tournaments and he will traveled as far as Canada and Germany to play the sport. He also played soccer, track and field, and football which became his passion and career to this day. His childhood was a very active and athletic one that helped him be in the position he is now.
First of all, J.J. Watt parents had a good relationship and communication with him. His mother, Connie Watt, used to work as a building operations vice president and his father, John Watt, used to work as a firefighter. Both of his parents encouraged
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Watt’s career has established him a legacy to be remembered for many years. People will remember him as the outstanding defender he is as well as his professional career and impact on his team. His charity work won’t go unnoticed and be looked upon by many people. They will remember the work he did on and off the field by helping the victims of the hurricane in Houston and the foundation he started. His future plans consist of growing as a player and hopefully win a championship with the Houston Texans and make the city of Houston proud. He plans on continuing helping people that go through tragic events and making his foundation grow and develop even more. His future plans will have a tremendous impact on society by influencing people to help others with just the minimum things. He will also impact it by changing the game of football for generations to