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Melissa E. Raveed 000432472 Assessment Code: JOT2 – Task 1 (Learner Analysis) Katherine Odom


Instructional Setting
The Whale of a Sale Children’s Consignment Event (WoS) is a tri­annual (Spring, Fall,
Late Fall (Holiday), consignment sale based in the Indianapolis Area. It is Indiana’s largest children’s consignment event featuring 30,000 square feet of clothing, toys, equipment, bedding, furniture, boutique and maternity items (Whale of a Sale, LLC, 2014). Local parents and caregivers (consignors) are solicited to select, prepare and turn in appropriate items that will then be sold en­masse over a course of a three day period. Consignors receive revenue from their sales, with a small
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Characteristics of the learner group. T he learners in this group will primarily females with children between the ages of one through twelve years of age. Some of the learners will be stay at home moms (SAHM) and others will be working mothers. Both groups have characteristics that will be of benefit and of challenge to the learning task. Culturally, these groups differ in their motivations of why they are participating in the sale as well as the amount of time they have to devote to the preparation of the sale. Stay at home moms may have more time to devote to the process, and therefore may be less inclined to utilize the proposed unit of study, as they may not see the benefit. In the same vein, their increased flexibility and time available may also be fruitful, as they will have more time to internalize the unit of instruction and effectively apply it to yield an overall better consignment experience. For working mothers, they may not have as much time to dedicate to the sale and therefore need a more direct and structured process to accomplish their goal of preparing and selling items. In a personal example, my main barrier to selling was the idea of dedicating several hours of my day in the weeks before