JV States: A Short Story

Words: 279
Pages: 2

It was the last day of JV States.
The coach called me over,
“Aragon, you're up.”
I was scared, shaking through my body.
I approached my ball, gripped the club like a slippery snake, scared about my fate.
I stood there shaking. nervous, I just wanted to go home.
But I swung the club back anyway,
There was a loud whack.
I watched the ball travel through the thick droplets of water, eventually landing on the lush green fairway.
My confidence had suddenly rose up.
I told myself I was going to turn my chances around.
Every hole was like a new day.
With each one getting better and better.
I was playing out of my mind.
And every bit of pep put a strut in my step.
But even with my great playing,
My coach kept saying,
“Your one back, you need to attack!”