JWMI 505 assingment 3 integrative case Essay

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JWI 505: Assignment 3 – Integrative Case
Jack Welch Management Institute
JWI 505: Business Communication and Ethics

Executive Summary

This paper will evaluate the communication strategy of the fictional new CEO of XYZ global financial services firm, which has been negatively impacted by a national investment crisis and plans to release to its target audience and stakeholders, utilizing tools such as Mary Munter’s Audience Strategy.
The stakeholders have been identified as the firm’s employees, customers, shareholders, and the financial regulators. The shared common concerns of this group are the financial health of XYZ global financial services firm balance
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a) Delivery Strategy: Direct approach and review the firm’s strong underlying performance across all of our lines of business, stock performance and market share position.
b) Expected Effect: Enhanced sense of self-worth and accomplishments as the firm’s strong performance is directly linked to the employee performance and stakeholders investment. In addition, it establishes credibility via shared values and common ground.
2) Key Point: Our control and regulatory agenda is our top priority.
a) Delivery Strategy: Direct approach and candidly discuss the lessons learned from the national financial crisis and how we must and will do a better job at compliance. In addition, highlight our shared common interest with financial regulators to build and sustain a strong and safe financial system.
b) Expected Effect: My audience will be convinced that there is a problem with our compliance process and will want to come back to equilibrium by accepting the presented solution.
3) Key Point: A candid assessment of where our country and the world are today.
a) Delivery Strategy: Provide a