Jack Dauth Informative Speech

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All About Jack Dauth

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Who is Jack Dauth?
Jack Dauth is a professional scooter rider from Sydney, Australia who is a professional freestyle scooter rider with more than 110 thousand subscribers on YouTube (Jack dauth website). Jack Dauth makes YouTube videos of him and all his friends riding scooters in the streets and in skateparks. Jack rides with his friends who also make YouTube videos, and other people who are almost always in his video. Jack mostly rides with his friends Wezma, Kai, Matt, and Harry. On Jack’s instagram, he has a total of 878 posts and 157k followers, one of which, are me (Instagram)
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How is he so popular?
Jack started his YouTube channel June 21, 2016,(Jack dauth channel) getting almost 31 thousand monthly subscribers in his first few months,(Socialblade) mostly from his friend Wezma, who gave him a few shoutouts. Jack was on many videos named “Saundezy Sessions” where a really good kid named Kai Saunders filmed videos of himself riding around Sydney, Australia and also got shoutouts from the “friendly crew” also in Australia (Jack Dauth Interview) . Jack is very grateful for all the help and shoutouts from his friends to get where he is today and always lets his subscribers know in almost every video.
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Jack Dauth is currently sponsored by Outset select from Chicago, U.S.A, Ripper company, who is owned by his friend “Wezma” and Urbanartt pro scooters (Jack Dauth channel) . What does being “Sponsored” really mean though? Being sponsored means you help promote a company and help sales, and in return you get free parts. Jack currently has signature griptape with one of his sponsors “Ripper co” (Ripper.Co shop).