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one of the authors Chris McCandless admired very much was Jack London. Jack London was an American author, journalist and a social activist. he was born on January 12,1876 in san Francisco, California and died in 1916. attended university of California at Berkeley. by the age of 30 he was internationally famous for his "call of the wild" in 1903 and also "the sea wolf" in 1904 . he wrote more than 50 books , some of them were published after his death. his stories were about his personal adventures at sea in Alaska or in the fields and factories in California. Chris McCandles could relate to jack London because he went on a adventure as well . Chris admired jack London as a man and as a writer. people who read Jack London's work became inspired.Jack London was born on January 12, 1876. By age 30, he was internationally famous for Call of the Wild (1903), The Sea Wolf, (1904) and other literary and journalistic accomplishments.

Though he wrote passionately about the great questions of life and death and the struggle to survive with dignity and integrity, he also sought peace and quiet inspiration.

His stories of high adventure were based on his own experiences at sea, in Alaska, or in the fields and factories of California. His writings appealed to millions worldwide. Jack London was also widely known for his personal exploits. He was a colorful, controversial personality, often in the news. Generally fun loving, he was quick to side with the underdog against injustice of any kind. An eloquent public speaker, he was much sought after as a lecturer on socialism and other economic and political topics. Most people considered London a living symbol of rugged individualism, a man whose fabulous success was not due to special favor of any kind, but to a combination of immense mental ability and vitality. Strikingly handsome, full of laughter, restless and courageous, always eager for adventure, Jack London was one of the most romantic figures of this time. He ascribed his worldwide literary success largely to hard work - to "dig", as he put it.

Between 1900 and 1916, he completed more than 50 fiction and nonfiction books, hundreds of short stories and numerous articles. Several of the books and many of the short stories are classics and still popular; some have been translated into as many as 70 languages. Among his most well-known books are Call of the Wild, White Fang, The Sea