Essay about Jack London's White Fang: A Review

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My book is White Fang written by Jack London. This book is a great piece of fiction. It focuses on a wolf-dog mix that has many adventures and learns to hate and love people. In my version of white fang it has five parts. Like the story I will tell this in five parts. The story begins at the end of the 19th century, just at the end of The Klondike Gold Rush, in the Yukon Territory with two men, Bill and Henry. Their job is to deliver a coffin to Fort McGurry. So them and their six-dog team ride through the barren dry Iceland. Suddenly when feeding the dogs Bill gives out seven fish. He thought he counted wrong, however he still had six dogs. He checked and checked. Two days later he handed out seven fish but this time he counted seven dogs. He went to alert Henry but to turn around and counted again only six. Could his eyes be deceiving him? That night they both heard a multitude of wolf howls. This went on for many nights. Then one night one of the dogs goes missing. Bill and Henry now are on alert very night but exhaustion kicks in and they can’t stay up every night, especially in this environment, cold and dark all day and all night. As each dog goes down they finally watch it. A she-wolf lures one of the dogs out then the other wolfs dig in and eat the dog. In a vain attempt bill goes after the pack and loses his shotgun. He gets eaten by the pack. Henry and the remaining two dogs manage to fight the pack until help arrives. The she-wolf and most of her pack survives…