Jack: Third World and Scale Apartment Building Essay

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Man in his late 20’s early 30’s leaves the contemporary world of high scale apartment building and crammed work places with skyscrapers . Description of place shall be that of grey! Boring... Involve some weird Illness or ailment wether that be... a ringing in the ears constantly! NO I got it! Muscle spasms! Refer back to doctor saying how bad it is for him to live that lifestyle. Illude to his amazingly unclean lifestyle that although is disregarded as chaos it is his beauty (his view of being wild and against the neatly packed society of say.. somewhere like new york)

Make a turning point, wether that be running off a train to catch another one due to announcement off to some random airport. Regardless of where his turning point is – it involves transport that requires less explanation of where he is but more so where he is going and where he isn’t (back home). His ilnness/ ailment is still attacking him but it fades off and doesn’t matter but show that this change of lifestyle is still hurting him... but soon to disappear (shhh don’t tell anyone). Flashback to shit arse dinners with brothers and sisters in high jobs with suits.. too straight and too neat that kills him. Flashbacks are continuous or other styles of reflecting to the previously bad world. He reaches 3rd world country or some island of sorts and find reflection in a young boy or girl (find which ever one represents change or belonging) and have him either disappear and the epitome be the kid, or if the kid runs away and he stares or looks at something else or thinks something else.

Ending is not sure! May write to figure it out more so (because endings always seem to have to be apart of the mood I’m in whilst writing :P)
(delicious easter egg – reference to small thing that appears in tv shows that illudes to something else) : will be something like a newspaper article on where he is going, something he reads. Have him read a newspaper as it is a sign of the world he used to live in.. maybe pick it up off the floor? Or if he is still in his city world have everyone with them with the : straight ties, shirts, hair ... etc (signs of normality which = boredom).

Start at office cubicle, emphasis on small things like printer continuously making noises.. staplers going off (very wanted – esc shhh) , clock signals time for him to CLOCK off or just to go home (make some sexy symbolism here)
*decide wether to make day 2 the day In which he leaves (so the audience can see the orchestrated and refined timetable of _____)
DAY 2 or more option
Sits back in the same chair. It falls all the way down and he feels empty (sign of random illness/ ailment ) – flashback to doctors appointment . self dialogue.
Day 1 option + continuation of “DAY 2 or more option”
Then off to the boring train trip everyone takes when one POINT one single thing