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Jackie Robinson Movement Jackie Robinson is widely known for his role in the civil rights movement and for his stance on segregation. Jackie was a key role in the civil rights movement because he was not afraid to cross a line that had not been crossed before. Throughout his life he refused to back down because of his skin color and continually fought for desegregation. An occasion when Jackie refused to back down was when he served in the army and refused to sit in the back of the bus with the rest of the African Americans. His most famous display of rebelling against traditional segregation was when he played on the dodgers in 1947. If it were not for Jackie Robinson The Civil Rights Movement, as we now it today, would be severely different or not occurred at all. After pearl Harbor occurred Jackie was drafted into the army. “Even as a lieutenant who demonstrates strong leadership qualities, Robinson is a second-class soldier.” Even though Robinson risks his life for his country he is still less than a normal white man. He found this to be very troubling, but it only made him want to strive for change more. While in the army one day Robinson has to be transported on an army bus in Fort Hood, Texas. Even though buses for the army had already been desegregated Robinson was brought up on charges for not giving up his seat and sitting in the back of the bus. Robinson was court martialed for failing to give up his seat, but was later exonerated and given a Honorable discharge. This incident occurred in 1944. Jackies actions in this incident helped spread this issue and could have influenced the army later becoming desegregated in 1948.
Throughout Jackie’s life he was athletic and his life revolved around sports. This was one of the Major ways he displayed courage and his passion to make a change. He started playing baseball professionally in the Negro Leagues. In 1947, he made a groundbreaking decision to play for the Dodgers. When he was signed on the condition he would not respond to the abuse he was going to face ( This was the first time an African American had ever played in the Major League for Baseball. He committed to play even though he knew he would be scrutinized because the color of his skin. Jackie’s commitment to not react to all the scrutiny he endured was truly historical. This decision of non-violence showed how committed he was to change and set the tone for the Civil rights Movement as a whole. Martin Luther King Jr was committed to non-violence in his protests, which was influenced by Jackie’s heroic behavior. If Jackie did’nt peacefully protest by being the first black man in the MLB then the civil rights movement would have been much more violent and not as widely accepted. During the course of his time playing baseball he set may records for baseball and African Americans. He was the first African American inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This was a big step forward because it is one of the highest honors in the game of baseball. Jackie’s decision not only made history in the sport of Baseball, but in all aspects of sports. “His success encouraged the integration of professional football, basketball, and tennis.”( This also lead to the downfall of the Negro Leagues which thrived on segregation, and without it they failed. African Americans had been contributed to the segregation and were also part of the problem without knowing it. This was an important step because it also go rid of segregation on the African American side. After Jackie retired in 1956 from baseball he stopped his silence and started