Jackie Robinson Argumentative Essay

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“I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being” (BrainyQuote). When Jackie Robinson said this he was asking for respect from everyone in America. I believe Jackie Robinson should be elected into the History Hall of Fame because he was able to overcome many obstacles in his life, stay true to his faith, accomplish many things and make a huge cultural impact. He had to ignore all the hate and learn to be durable through it all. Growing up was hard, but Jackie Robinson persevered and broke the color barrier of MLB in 1947 (the staff of History Net Where History Comes Alive World US History Online).
Jackie Robinson had a tough and challenging life. He faced many obstructions and it all began in Cairo, Georgia (Milbert 368). “Jack Roosevelt Robinson was
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According to Justice B. Hill, Jackie Robinson instigated the charge for more equality. Jackie helped “whites take a different look at race in America” (Titus Brown). He also “made it easier for whites to accept blacks and to hire blacks in in jobs never given to them before” (Robert Ruck). Ruck also said that Jackie Robinson put charges in the move for more integration in America. Jackie Robinson was an experiment (Ruck). “Jackie Robinson was an exceptional player and if he had not been race would have been looked at differently than it did” (Brown). Jackie Robinson made many impacts in today’s culture. Without him America would be very different.
In conclusion, Jackie Robinson should be elected into the History Hall of Fame because he had many accomplishments that changed the course of history. If he had not been around blacks would still be treated with disrespect and be excluded. He stayed true to his faith and did not retaliate against the disgusting and churlish banter. He also played a major role in the push to end racism. Jackie Robinson did so much and should be elected into the History Hall of