Jackie Robinson: Breaking The Color Barrier

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Jackie Robinson was more than just the first player to break the color barrier. He was brave, courageous, and had strong righteous anger for racism. He was strong where others would have given up, He was kind where others would have showed hatred, and most of all his love of the game kept him from quitting. Jackie Robinson had a rough childhood and a successful athletic high school and college career. He continued his career in football, but joined the army as world war 2 began. And finally worked his way up through the Negro leagues to the major leagues where he began the most famous part of his life.

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 1, 1919 to Malie (McGriff) and Jerry Robinson. He was the youngest of five children. In 1920 just one year after Jackie was born, His Father left the family and Jackie and his 5 siblings and mother moved to a poor neighborhood in Pasadena, California. His Mother worked multiple jobs to keep the struggling family on their feet. In junior high he joined a gang, but his friend, Carl Anderson persuaded him to quit it. He graduated Junior high in 1935, and then transferred to John Muir High School where he attended High school.

At John Muir High Jackie Robinson was not going to play sports until his brothers Persuaded him to Play them. He played Football, Basketball, Track, baseball, and Tennis. He lettered in Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball. In baseball, he played Catcher and
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After one year in the negro leagues he was called up to the minor leagues, to play for the montreal Monarchs. Six days after the start of the season he was called up to the major leagues to play for the dodgers where he began the part of his life he is most known for.

Jackie Robinson was a well known american hero, that did much more in his life than just break the color barrier. He inspired the lives of