Jackie Robinson Hero

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Baseball would not be considered America’s Pastime if wasn't for Jackie Robinson. He completely revolutionized the sport, and you are not a true baseball fan if you are not fully aware of the life of Jackie Robinson. He was a powerful figure who benefitted modern society. He did this by breaking Major League Baseball’s color barrier, improving racial equality in the USA, and inspiring young kids with his professionalism on and off the field. Because of these heroics, Jackie Robinson is considered one of the greatest figures in US sports history.
Jackie Robinson overcame many adversities as a young child to become the great athlete that he was and to become the first African-American player in Major League Baseball. Robinson was born in
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After retiring from baseball, Robinson became actively engaged in the Civil Rights movement and even made appearances with Martin Luther King, Jr. Robinson improved racial equality because when he retired in equalizing blacks' rights along with Martin Luther King, Jr, the most notable person in the civil rights movement who was the leader in making blacks equal. In the article “Jackie Robinson,” it states, “Plenty of times I wanted to haul off when somebody insulted me for the color of my skin, but I had to hold myself...the whole thing was bigger than me”(Britannica School). So many times Robinson wanted to erupt out of anger, but he kept his cool because he knew that what he was doing was more important than him. There were multiple times where he just wanted to lose himself and forget everything he was doing just because he was so angry. He had to have much patience to accomplish what he was doing, or else everything would have failed. Jackie Robinson improving racial equality is also proven in the article “Jackie Robinson,” where it says, "Robinson also became a vocal champion for African-American athletes, civil rights...he testified on discrimination before the House Un-American Activities Committee”(Biography.com Editors). Robinson publicly spoke out multiple times to show his pride and determination in making the nation more equal, he even went so far to testify on discrimination because he was such a great supporter for blacks. Jackie Robinson improved racial equality in the USA, and by doing so he greatly benefited society, and became a national