Jackie Robinson In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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One man named Jackie Robinson was a major league baseball player. He played 10 years of major league baseball, he was All star for six seasons in a row and he also won a world series championship with the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was inducted in the baseball hall of fame in 1962 . Jackie Robinson was different, he was African American and in his time it wasn't authorized to have African Americans to play “Ball” with the white Americans. Some people were okay and were ready to change and allow an African American Ball Player into their all White League but most weren't. Most baseball fans didn't want to allow him into the league because to them he was to different and they did not think he belonged in the Major Leagues because of his differences, …show more content…
Nobody at the ranch explains to him the the things he does occasionally are not okay they just all move on. George likes Lennie and takes care of him all the time because he understands Lennie's differences and that because of them, he cannot live normally by himself. The downside of this is that every time Lennie does a mistake that could lead to serious trouble, George is also the one to get blamed because he is the one that is taking care of him. When Lennie gets George in trouble because of his actions, George feels mad and very frustrated he understands why Lennie does what he does and at the end of the day he understands and moves on take George can't leave Lennie alone because in the 1930s there were not many if there even were any special programs like daycares and classrooms/schools to help people like Lennie unlike today we have 24/ care and for people like Lennie and we also have sports because everyone should be treated equally no matter the differences. Lennie's disabilities and size some people afraid and uncomfortable, just like Curley a short man and the son of the ranch boss. Curley is very intimidated by Lennie and does not want to show it so he act tough by picking on Lennie, this leads to a fight on page 63 and 64 between Curley and Lennie because Lennie laughed at a joke that was said towards Curley by someone else in the ranch and Curley thought that this would be the right time to act like he had a reason to hit Lennie. This is an example that society does not change for people like Lennie who are different because, if Curley would've known that Lennie would have gotten mad and would of fought back because he didn't know better, Instead Lennie grabs Curley's hand and started to squeeze it, Lennie not knowing his strength he broke