Jackie Robinson Turning Point

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A turning point is an event that has a huge impact on someone’s life. “I Never Had It Made”, “Warriors Don’t Cry”, and “Father of Chinese Aviation” are stories of bravery, courage, and the willingness to change. Jackie Robinson, Melba Beal’s, Feng Ru made life changing choices that affect them as well as their countries.

In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. He played baseball in the MLB but it was not always that way. He also was an African American he loved baseball. But because of the color of his skin, it was hard for him to play. “I had become the first black player in the major leagues” [Jackie]. which was all thanks to Branch Rickey he took Jackie to the top where he belongs. Jackie received hate mail and death threats against his family and out and out attempts at physical harm to himself. He also had “bigoted fans scream n------“[Jackie]. He did not let those fans get to him and he just let roll off his back because he knew he was better than what they were saying. Jackie was really brave. There where the haters then there where the supporters at the World Series game the whole black community piled into the stands. The one thing that mad Jackie push himself forward was when this “white boy said Atta boy, Jackie” [white boy]. This shows that just because there was a lot of racial
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“1909 Feng Ru was about to take to the skies on an airplane of his own design” [Maksel]. Feng Ru was a Chinese man. “He immigrated to America around 1894 and 1898” [Maksel]. “In his yearly teens he immediately set to work”. [Maksel] He had a little shack where he worked and studied. Also he worked on new airplane models and where his shack was there was a huge field. When Feng’s shack caught fire and burned to the ground. He got a new place to work and it was heavily guarded because Feng did not want people stealing his ideas. That is how Feng Ru brought aviation to