Jackson: John Quincy Adams and Jackson Essay examples

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Andrew Jackson could be looked at as the best president or the worst president. Andrew Jackson was not a good president. He did many wrong things that didn’t help the United States. Political democracy, individual liberties, and economic opportunity are big strong points in where many things went wrong. There was Indian removal that didn’t go as planned, many new parties were formed against Jackson, and the national bank was killed. Politically wise Jackson didn’t do many helpful things. The Indian removal plan was a plan that could have ran smooth and caused no harm to the Indians. Instead it killed over 2,000. Jackson vetoed the plan and made them get out of the US as soon as possible. The Indians were rushed out during the fall and winter with just the clothes they were wearing. The Indians were promised land that the US would end up taking from them in the end. Jackson abused his power in the office by vetoing the laws out of any presidency. Jackson was all for the people, but is he really? He was taking away powers and making it seem like he was the dominant one in the government, as if no other branches existed. Many times he would go against what congress said and veto the law, an example is the Indian removal. In document A it shows talks about how the government should avoid the abuses of government which is what Jackson did by vetoing so many laws. Even before he was president he wasn’t listening to the government. Jackson went out and got Florida with his men. He was a president to be afraid of and did exactly what he said, which a good thing is not always. When South Carolina was threatening to succeed, Jackson sent down an army to make sure they didn’t leave. Instead of sending an army he could have done many other things then making it into a possible very violent situation. When an election is happening there is no need for riots to spring up and make the country violent. In document E it is talked about how there were dreadful riots between people during the election making it not a smooth election with many hurt including cops. Individual liberties that people felt violated by are that many peoples jobs were being taken away or changed because Jackson wanted less industrial. Over that time the rich and poor were more separated than they used too. With the bank being shut down it caused a depression making even more people on the poor side. Jackson would get rid of anything that caused possible harm to the common man, so if it had to do with just elites it was taken away. In some cases the country needs support from the elites because if any times where big money is needed that is where the country could get it from, the elites. The bank was run by the elites and was working. Again by destroying the bank it caused a depression showing that the support of the elites was needed. The working mans party and the Whig parties were both created to go against Jackson. The working mans party is a labor oriented party it went for public education and the support of having labor. The Whig party wanted the high protective tariffs which Jackson got rid of because they could potentially hurt the common man. In document A it talks about how everyone is created equal, Jackson tries to make that statement true but in…