Jackson Katz Violence Against Women

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The TED TALK by Jackson Katz titled, “Violence against Women- It’s a Men’s issue, too” also proved to be useful. Katz discussed how gender violence is not only a women’s issues but also a males issue too because we are usually the perpetrator. The women that are victims of gender violence could be a very close friend or a family member and so even if we are not actively perpetuating gender violence, we should still take action to prevent gender violence. People have a tendency to only care about what issues directly affect them and I believe that this is evidence of the level of empathy in humanity taking a turn for the worse. Our daily lives are so consumed with money, consumerism, and technology that we tend to forget about the value of our …show more content…
I was not aware of the fact that gender violence consists of intimidation, harassment, stalking, voyeurism, slut shaming, cat calling, and pornography. These are not physical acts and so I did not associate them with violence and furthermore gender violence. One particular aspect of gender violence that I struggle with most is the disgusting forced acts of sex trafficking. It hurts my heart to think of being made to have sex for money that is then taken from me and having no power or control over your own body. The reading titled, “Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” by Rachael Chinapen (2013) sparked a nerve with me and I could not help but discuss what I had read. The author's main argument is to bring awareness of gender violence and sex trafficking in America because it is often misperceived as something that is in the history books or a problem outside of the United States. The author states that the human sex trafficking industry is worth about $32 Billion worldwide and is a rapidly growing criminal enterprise because it is a high profit and low risk crime. The author discusses the major differences between prostitution and sex trafficking and her main point is the element of choice that separates the