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Marisa Shoulla Andrew Jackson the seventh president of the United States was seen as the
Common Man’s President to some and to others he was seen as King Andrew I. Many of Jackson’s actions lead to him receiving both nicknames. Some of Jackson’s actions that caused him to receive this nickname, include the use of spoils system which gave his friends and family government jobs. Also the situation with South Carolina and the
Indian Removal Act where Jackson misused his powers and acted out irrationally. Then the incident with the National Bank, which Jackson’s actions during his presidency later caused the national bank to become bankrupt. Jackson was thought to be ill tempered while others believed he was merely being confident. Based on Jackson’s presidential actions he rightfully earned the nickname of King Andrew I, and that King Andrew I was the true side of Jackson. However the argument on how Jackson was seen as the
Common Man’s president can be argued because he removed Native Americans off land that was suitable for our farming, which made the U.S more money.
Some thought of Jackson as the Common Man’s President and there are many instances where his actions, can be seen as Jackson trying to make the best decisions for the common man. For example the incident with the national bank, Jackson refused the charter justifying it by saying he was protecting the people. It can be argued that
Jackson’s intentions were always trying to do what was best for the people, he just did it in an unconditional way. Also when Jackson relocated the Native Americans, he opened more land up that Americans could now use to farm and make more money for the

industry. Jackson himself was not like other presidents, he was not opulent, as well schooled and he was not from the east like the previous six presidents before him.
Jackson had his own way of achieving what he wanted done, which was threatening and making irrational moves. His actions can be argued for being the Common Man’s
President as well as King Andrew I.

Andrew Jackson was able to become president because of the new requirements on voting. At that time fewer states had property qualifications to vote. This lead to the a major increase of voters and since Jackson was self brought up he appealed to the common man. Since Jackson was known as the Common Man’s President many of the new first time voters who were just common men voted for Jackson. Jackson was smart and used this to his advantage, once in office Jackson used the spoils system and to give jobs to his friends and family, without them having any qualifications. Jackson’s mentality behind this was if he treated his friends and family well, by giving them high ranked jobs that paid well, they would agree with the decisions he made, because they didn’t know any better. When Jackson had these people supporting him, he had the power to do anything he wanted, as a king would. Actions such as the situation with
South Carolina, the Indian Removal Act and the incident with the National Bank happened because Jackson had his supporters in office backing up every decision he made. Before Andrew Jackson entered office, congress passed the Tariff of 1828, which put a heavy tax on imported goods, the tariff of 1828’s goal was to try and boost

American manufacturing. The north benefitted from the tariff while the south thought of it as the Tariff of Abomination. After another tariff was passed, South Carolina threatened to secede from the union. When Jackson heard the news he issued a proclamation against South Carolina, threatening to send 50,000 troops to invade, this was called the
Force Bill. No president should threaten one of its own states. Reaching the point where he sent our own military into South Carolina, to get revenge on them.. This reaction imitates the response a King would have, not a president. This was one of the many instances that the nickname King