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My name is Ryan A. Irving and I am a Junior, Criminal Justice major from Avondale, Arizona. I currently attend Jackson in Jackson, Mississippi. I know I am very far from away from home but I am glad that I attend my university. It has been a learning experience for me and I have even more appreciation for all of my family. There are many times that I miss my family and get a little homesick but I know that I am here at school for a reason and the reason is to receive an education. Luckily we have a lot of technology that I can use to get into contact with them. Without all this technology that is available to me I do not know how I would be able to attend school so far away from home. I have been attending Jackson State for the past three years and I spend no more than three to four months at home every year and I know how difficult it is to miss your family and want to be with them. Even though I am so far away from them I always find a way to keep in contact with them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and FaceTime are all ways that I keep in contact and updated with all of the stuff my family is doing. I am the first child to go away to college so it was hard for my mom to deal with, luckily nowadays we have so much new technology that we will never miss anything that goes on while we are away from each other. I have two sisters, one brother and a little cousin that I love dearly, I just want to make sure that I am proud of them and I am supporting them 100 percent even though I am so far away from them right now.
One of the best forms of technology that we use today is our cell phone. Without our cell phones we cannot just pick up the phone wherever we are and call a family member that we have not spoken to in a while. I know my freshman year I called my mom like five to six times everyday but throughout the years the number of phones calls a day went down tremendously. Also, with a cell phone you can take pictures and share them with all your family members by uploading them up to social networks such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have an iPhone so I can FaceTime with my little sister or any of my family members who have an iPhone or an iPad. While you FaceTime you can see the person and have a conversation as if you were sitting right in front of them, it is a lot better than just talking to someone on the phone because you can actually see their face and hear their voices well.
Being the oldest of four children I know that my siblings always need someone they can talk to or come to for advice. I know I may not be at home with them but they can call or text message me at anytime and I will make sure that I help them out anyway that I can. They should all be able to depend on me no matter the distance because I am their older sister and I will do anything for them. My youngest sister and I are very much alike and she knows she can call me at anytime and I will be there for her. She knows that if she needs me and I am not answering my phone, she can find me on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Sometimes I can go a couple of days without talking to my dad, who is very busy, so he will send me a nice