Jacob Stafford Argumentative Essay

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Jacob Stafford
Mrs. Smith
ENGL 0892
March 2, 2015
Argumentative Essay Throughout all my years of schooling, I have always attended public school that did not require a dress code. At the time, I didn’t see any problem with it because it was how I was raised. When I met my fiancé, I learned that she went to a private Catholic school growing up where she had to wear a uniform for their dress code every day. My first reaction was to think that must have been horrible. Didn’t they get tired of wearing the same thing every single day? The more she explained the lifestyle though, the less bad it seemed. A uniform dress code actually started to sound pretty appealing and I believe that I would want my future children to wear a uniform as their dress code. When you wear a uniform to school you never have to worry about finding something to wear in the morning, bullying because you wear different clothes, or following a certain set of dress code guidelines. Every single morning was a battle in my household. Someone couldn’t find matching socks or a shirt to match their pants, someone had to wait on the dryer because their clothes were still wet from being washed the night before, and someone would have to change five times before deciding on an outfit. This chaotic morning routine would make us run behind schedule almost always. Looking back on my days in school, being able to dress in what I pleased wasn’t all that easy after all. If children had to wear a uniform, the morning routine would be a walk in the park. Instead of hunting down the right outfit you just had to put on the polo shirt and slacks you laid out the night before. When a uniform is mandatory, you are able to wash, iron and lay out your clothing the night before because you already know what you have to wear. This could start your day off without the stress and commotion you may otherwise have. Another major benefit to having to wear a specific outfit to school is the reduction of bullying. Our appearance is a huge reason school-aged children get picked on by others. Some children are not as wealthy or clean and may not dress as good as others. This causes them to get made fun of or left out because they don’t look as good or wear name brand clothing. If a child had to wear a uniform, there wouldn’t be any reason to make fun of other students. When all the children look the same, it creates an atmosphere where everyone is equal. I believe that a child should not be judged on their clothing especially if it is not their fault they aren’t as wealthy or privileged as one another. Having a dress code in place, will also help children learn to see people for who they really are. It can help develop the ability to look past appearance when getting to know another human being. Lastly, the factor of clothing being appropriate is a large circumstance which our home town of Savannah, Tennessee seems to have a difficult time with. When a uniform is decided upon, it is one that is chosen because it is versatile, functional, and appropriate. Children that choose their own clothing don’t always pick the best outfits that reflect modesty and self-worth. Hardin County High School is where I went to high school and every single day there