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Jacob Wehn
Mrs. Melei
English 3A
1 September 2014
The 5th Wave Trust
Throughout The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey the main character Cassie has to overcome her biggest conflicts mentally. Trying to survive the alien invasion she ends up alone thinking she is the last human on earth. One might think that surviving an alien invasion would require you to overcome major physical conflicts but Cassie's biggest conflict is her struggle of being alone not being able to trust anyone or anything. Throughout the book she meets interesting characters and during these interactions a great load of suspense arises to see what Cassie might do. The more interactions Cassie has the more her personality evolves as she learns to trust again.
In the book Cassie meets a boy named Ben. Cassie meets a lot of people throughout the book and has a hard time trusting anyone due to the reason that the aliens look exactly like humans. She meets Ben and throughout their meeting they get to know each other. Later on Cassie kisses Ben. This shows how she has learned to trust others because when one kisses another person they open up to that person and shows that they trust them enough to know that they will never be let down by that person. This is a great example at how she has evolved from the beginning and learned to trust again which is crucial to survival.
All that has happened in the world leaves Cassie as a person that finds trust a very hard trait to learn again. She thinks this because she believes…