Jacob's Character In A Simple Plan

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In a simple plan movie, written by Scott Smith in 1998. The characters of a simple plan are great, but I think Jacob characteristic is very special from the inside. Even though, Jacob is being characterized as “slow”, he has a great inside. Jacob is a person who loves his family, friend, and who has a dream to own his won farm.
When it comes to love a human will try to do everything he/ she could do to reach their desires, even if it cost their own lives. Jacob is an example who has a brother named Hank who is studying in college while Jacob is doing farming with his father. To Jacob, he is spending the most wonderful moments with his father. Jacob loved is showing through his visitation to father’s grave before Hanks do which shows his great love for his father. Jacob has such an amazing personality, he loves his brother Hank and his family to a point where found himself making the wrong choices , but then he ignored all of that because of his unconditional toward his brother.
For example, Jacob recorded his best friend Lou just to save Hank. I don’t criticize Jacob for
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Hank and his wife are the one who is behind all the terrible things that Jacob did. Jacob has done a lot of mistakes that he did not intend to do, to help Hanks to have a happy life at the cost of his own life. In the movie, it shows after recording Lou, Lou got mad and try to kill Hank. Now Jacob is under a great pressure either to choose his best friend or his only brother. And of course he chooses his brother and killed his friend to defend Hank. After all of the horrible crimes Jacob insisted to abandon and tell the government agency on everything. Unfortunately, Hank prevented him from making the right choice he wanted to do. Besides, the most ironic aspect of the movie is when Hank killed Jacob when he asked him to do it. Jacob wants to rest from all the dreadful events that has happen ever since they discovered the four