Jacoby: Academia and Incoming Freshman Essay example

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Dear Terrence, As an incoming freshman the first thing that I would like to stress is the importance of an academic calendar. You will hear this repeated to you over and over again in most of your classes. You may not know it now but this academic planner will be a key factor in your academic success here at the University of Southern Mississippi. It allows you to plan your time accordingly to make sure that you’re balanced in both your academics and social life. College is a lot of fun, but always remember, academics come first. What I found out quickly was that your college professors are nothing like the teachers we had in high school who hand fed us the material in class. Don’t get me wrong, the professors here at USM are very resourceful, but the deal is that you get a syllabus at the beginning of the semester and then you are pretty much on your own. In the case that you do need extra help, you are responsible for seeking it out. I can promise you that you will never have a professor come up to you and demand that you make an appointment with them to go over a test you might not have done so well on. College is all about freedom and taking responsibility for you. Some students have trouble adjusting to their new environment away from the safety of the hometown. The best way to cope with this new environment is to go out and meet new people. I know it might seem a little scary at first but just remember there are hundreds of other freshmen in the same exact position you are in. Chances are, the people that you are introducing yourself to are more scared of you than you are of them. College is a great place to expand your horizons, so go out and enjoy the freedom. Also don’t be one dimensional; it is important to find balance and avoid extremes. There is a lot more to success than having the best grades and there is a lot more to having a great time than