Jacquelyn: Family and Social Learning Theories Essay

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April 7, 2014
First Observation

Jacqelyn is a twenty month old female who is developing normally as accessed by standard height and weight tables. She has blond hair and blue eyes and she laughs easily and often. The location for the observation was inside a family home on a weekday afternoon. Mother was home, with Father at work, and older sister of three was there to play with us. We were led into the playroom to begin, where Jacquelyn climbed up a coffee table end table to practice jumping off with two legs onto an air mattress down below. She was following her older sister in this pattern of behavior as part of social learning theories presented by Piaget. After many rounds of this game she next practiced stepping first with one foot, then with two. Inside and outside of a small box on the floor. Soon after, she came over and helped her Mother and sister make a bed by holding onto the edge of the blanket and they all brought it down together to make the bed which also follows Piaget’s theory of social immitation. She speaks easily and often, sometimes with a single word and sometimes with more complete sentances. She started by saying “yeah” for yes, and “more” to continue something she likes. Later, when wanting something her sister had, she said,”no, no, mine, please.” To try to gain another turn from her sister. Next she was back up on the bed practicing forward rolls which usually fell to either side and she also practiced rollong her body like a straight log. At this point she became interested in what I was doing and after watching me write, she took a turn with my pen and using a pincer grasp and alternating both hands, she added her own writing to my notes pages and several others. For a few minutes trey took turns adding to my notes before their Mother called them away. At this point Jauqelyn walker over to her Mother and hit her. When she was reprimanded for this she patted her Mother on the shoulder. Next she played with dolls, tucking them into bed and giving them pacifyers along with pretending to feed them. When she wanted to helpe write again, we moved from the playroom into the diningroom to color with crayons and markers. Her Mother was interacting with her as she colored, asking her to name the colors she was using. When coloring time was over, it wa time to wash hands and get ready for snack time. She is able to get out a step stool and move it around to access areas that are out of reach for her. When we finished with out colorings, she gave one of them to me to