JADM 110 Sample Paper 1

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Anthony Cesareo

Professor Tatum
Intro to Criminology
November 9, 2013

What is castration? Castration is the process of administering anti-androgen drugs to a male in an effort to reduce his testosterone levels and suppress his sex drive. There are two ways that castration could happen. One is surgical castration, in which the male’s testicles are removed and then there is chemical methods that can be reversed by discontinuing use of the drugs. This drug is used in many countries only on convicted sex offenders, such as pedophiles or rapists. Castration has reduced the chance of a repeat offense from 75% to 2%. David Wayne Jones, who as a YMCA counselor in the early 1990s molested more than 40 young boys. In 1991, Jones pleaded guilty to several charges of indecency with children and one charge of aggravated sexual assault on another youth in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence. In 2000, Jones was paroled. He was once again re-incarcerated when authorities found he was involved in sexual activity with a fellow halfway-house resident. In 2009 in Texas, Jones went through a voluntary castration. He was the second inmate to have this procedure performed since the law was passed in 1997. When Jones was undergoing surgery, he was still facing a charge of sexual assault on a 5 year old camper from a YMCA field trip at a local lake. A judge in the case said he would examine his situation carefully before allowing bail. If Jones is convicted, He could be sentenced to 99 years in Prison. Sex offender laws nationwide are convincing many criminals to take drastic measures in an effort to prove that they are ready and fit for society. 15 repeat sex offenders in California have asked for surgical castration. They ask for surgical castration because they want to avoid indefinite incarceration. Over the last three years, one offender such as a pedophile, was freed three months ago. He walked free from the state mental hospital after being castrated. Surgical castration has convinced judges and state officials that repeat offenders no longer pose a threat, according to ABC News. Across the nation, many law enforcement officials are experimenting with other ways instead of castration to help offenders control their behavior. Law