Essay Jail And Prison Response

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Jails and Prisons Response
Ephrem Larry
William Patton

In this essay I am going to identify the four types of prisons. I am also going to explain the concept of prison as a total institution. I will briefly explain why jails play an important role in the criminal justice system. The four types of prison are minimum, medium, maximum, and ultra-high security. The minimum security prison inmate are generally housed in a dormitory like setting. They work under only general supervision and usually have access to recreational, educational, and skills-training programs on the prison grounds. The primary force behind the minimum security is the prisoners’ own restraint. They are there because of their behavior, and they have a chance to stay there and do well or get transferred to another level based on their behavior (Schmallenger, 2011). With respect to minimum security prisons these are at the federal, state, women, and private prison’s level. The concept of the institution is to provide safety to the communities from these offenders. To keep control and keep them housed in a facility to spend out their sentence (Schmallenger, 2011, p. 471). The medium security prisoners are permitted more freedom than the maximum security prisoners. The can go to the prison yard, exercise room, and library. They are strict in a medium security prison but prisoners have some freedom. Medium security prisons tend to be smaller than maximum security prisons (Schmallenger, 2011, p. 470). The maximum security prison is a massive building with a large population. The security is tight, has high fences, thick walls, and secured cells. These inmates are monitored very closely while they are in prison. Death-row inmates are all maximum-security prisoners, although the level of security on death row exceeds even that experienced by most prisoners held in maximum Custody (Schmallenger, 2011). The ultra-high security prison or ADMAX. This prison houses male inmates whom the federal government deem the most dangerous and in need of the…