Jail and Prison Comparison Paper

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Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper

Jail is usually the first place a person is taken after being arrested by police officers. The authority of states to build, operate, and fill jails can be found in the Tenth Amendment, which has been construed to grant to states the power to pass their own laws to preserve the safety, health, and welfare of their communities. Jail is to protect the public and citizens of county by providing a wide range of constructive, professional correctional services for pre-trial and convicted detainees. Jail is also ensure the safety and welfare of staff, visitors, and offenders by operating facilities and programs in a secure, humane environment which meets professional and standards and constitutional
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Some of the crimes that fall under federal crimes are drug dealer, political person, false insurance, bank robbery, and many more.

On the other hand, the state prison system has been in existence since the early 1800s with the building of Sing Sing state prison. Sing Sing state prison is one of the oldest state penitentiaries in existence today and is still in use. The state prisons also refer to blue collar criminals. The state prison system is devised of a network of small prisons that hold most of the United States prison populations. Since the beginning of penitentiaries in each state growth has been a rising issue. Many states have to provide millions of dollars to their prison systems. Those who commit state or break the state roles, they will automatically be sent to state prison and wait for federal if there is any. Some crimes that can be incarcerated within a state prison such as habitual offender, sex offender, drug user , and other violent crime offender.

In the State Prison, there are five security level have been established for correctional facilities and inmates are low security, medium security, high security, and maximum security. Inmates have been conditionally released into the community but remain under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. Low security includes Work Farms, Boot Camps, Forestry Camps, etc. Basically these are either first time