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“Introduction Letter to Michael” My full name is Jairo Raphaiel Veras Lopez. There is a significant meaning to my name that refers to shine. My Father told me that it comes from the bible but I’m not sure. I am from
The Dominican Republic; my family is also from the Dominican Republic. I grew up in the
Dominican Republic in a city call La Vega; it holds a great significance to me because that’s where I spent my childhood days up till I was eight years old. I miss my family over there, it’s been more than twelve years that I haven’t seen them. The most important Thing in my life right now is my education. I really want to use year up resources and do a really great job in the process. I have no time to waste and my time comes now. Education is really important especially because my mom holds really big expectations for me. Without an education it’s rare to see people making good money in this hard times. I have worked in fast food Restaurants and the experience has not been great, some customers don’t care about you and have no decency towards you. My egalitarian believes suggest equal rights for everyone; success for everyone and no matter what class you come from you should never get treated differently. In the past I loss my financial aid and dropped out of school for quite some time. I Found out about year up through a craigslist ad and decided to make a choice of either going back to school or enrolling in year up so i chose year up. Year up respects where I’m coming from and understands that I too deserve a better living. My motivation comes from deep inside my heart, I chosen to give up

before and loss a great deal of identity, now its time to make a big change in my life. I have seen great success coming from people like me that came to year up in the past. For Some it took quite a while to get a permanent job and as a result They are doing fine in IT or Finance. There has been others who on their internship got hire and fortunately been lucky. I want to be the guy who gets hire on my internship and go on a part time job. I will become a prowess IT specialist; with exceptional skills;