Jamaica and Jamaica Labor Party Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss information about Jamaica that I came across while researching.
I will be sharing the history, climate, population, economy, religions, famous citizens,
Jamaica can be found about four hundred eighty miles South of Florida. It is the third largest island in the Caribbean sea. This Island was a British colony for almost three hundred years, it is independent.
Jamaica is inhabited by various mountains ranges, only about twenty percent of this nation can be considered flat. It has an extremely large coastline measuring one thousand twenty two kilometers. The actual land measures about ten thousand eight hundred thirty one square kilometers.
The climate of Jamaica is hot and humid, giving it a tropical classification. Presently, Jamaica is discouraged by various ethnic groups, 90.9% are black, 1.3% is East Indian, 0.2% are white, 0.2% are Chinese, and 7.3% are mixed.
The two major religions of this land are protestant, which make up about 61.3% of the religious community, and another 34.7% are members of various spiritual cults.
Arawak Indians of South America were the first people to settle in Jamaica the named the island Xaymaca meaning land of wood and water. Christopher Columbus first arrival was in 1491. He's son settled in Jamaica in 1509. During Spain's occupation on the island beginning in 1510 the Arawaks were killed off by disease, war, and slavery. Seven short years later the Spaniards brought the first African slaves to Jamaica. The king of Spain deeded the island to Columbus family in 1536 until the 1620's Spain reclaimed the island.
The first European settlement was called Sevilla Nueva located near St. Ann's Bay, the town was abandoned in 1538 and moved to Spanish town. About 100 years…