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Jamaica is a sovereign nation that is located in the Caribbean islands. What was once

the home of the Taino natives has now become a melting pot of cultures. The combination, of

European, Native, Indian, Asian, And African culture all blend together to create the unique

cuisine of this country. The main staple of Jamaican is jerk chicken. This entree is prepared

using a unique spice rub comprised of a combination of spices and herbs that constantly

changes an time progresses in Jamaican culture. The main component is allspice. The allspice

is referred to as pimienta in Jamaica. The Chicken is marinated in this spice rub. The rub can

be wet or dry, it depends on the region it is being cooked in. The “jerking” technique is

actually derived from a smoking technique used by the West Africans for many years


A popular sauce used in Jamaican cuisine wold be the curry blend unique tho this

country. The curry sauce is derived from the Indian cultural influence brought on by

immigrants from India. Allspice was combined with cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, pepper,

salt and turmeric to create a fragrant, sauce that is used primarily for stewing goat meat.

Jamaican Cuisine is a melting pot of spices, herbs, and techniques. For example, curried

goat uses Indian spice blends and African stewing techniques. The allspice, or Jamaican

Pimento as it is called by locals, was discovered by Christopher Columbus. This was the first

encounter that the natives with outsiders in Jamaica. What Columbus found was that the

allspice was dried and then used in foods that the natives consumed

Jamaica actually provides most of the worlds supply of allspice. The name allspice is

derived from the fact that its flavor profile is that of a combination of cloves, cinnamon, and

nutmeg. The allspice corn is actually a dried berry referred to as the Jamaican pimienta. This

name came from the days of Christopher Columbus and his journey to the new world. He was

searching for pepper, because he had never seen real pepper himself before. Seeing the

allspice, he brought it back to Spain and deemed it with the name “pimienta” which is the

Spanish word for pepper.

Allspice has been found to be used as a medical remedy in certain parts of the world.

Allspice berries are 4 percent oil in composition. The oil is extracted from the berry and is then

bottled for sale. 3 drops on a tooth in pain can relieve toothache in humans. Ground allspice

can be made into a paste by mixing it with a small amount of water. When this paste is applied

to a sore part of the body, it can relieve muscle aches and pains also.


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