Essay Jamaica: Jamaica and Hand Shake

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By Michael Harvey and Colin Fox

Where is Jamaica ?

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean sea and is about 1,460 miles away from
New York.
It enjoys nice tropical weather perfect for the beach.

Economy and Currency

The Jamaican economy is base on agriculture mining and tourism makes up 60% their GDP , and it is a free market. They accept the British pound because of their tourism.
1 US Dollar is equivocate to 115
Jamaican Dollars.

Business Etiquette

Clothing is very casual and its good to wear a Polo and khakis.
Its best not to pressure your client its seen as sketchy .
People are direct and always mean what they say.
Bargaining is expected but use a local lawyer and don’t start at the best offer.
When agreement is final finish with a hand shake.

Business Etiquette Again

Greet them with a firm hand shake, smile make eye contact and constantly make eye contact a lack of it is seen as suspicious.
Include their professional tittle like Dr. ect
Avoid talk of politics.
Most meeting are in the morning, and best to confirm the appointment
Don’t be too expensive with the first gift its seen as a bribe or demonstration of your wealth. Entertainment

Table manner are informal, but sit where they say to, and eat when the host does.
Meals are buffet style and it is polite to have a bit of everything
No professional matters are spoken when eating. Arrive 5 minutes early if you are hosting but there about 15 minutes early.