Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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The short story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid only contains two characters; a mother and a daughter. Moreover, the short story “Girl” is Jamaica Kincaid’s first published work. Also, the story focuses on the female gender, African American race, the importance of how others recognize you, and how you identify yourself. The story represents an everyday African American female expectation of how to behave, cook, clean, and other domestic performances demand by their mothers, so they do not ruin their reputation. Above all, the mother strongly advocates to prevent her daughter from becoming a strumpet that can so easily be tempted. It is implied that young female is at a mature age for the mother to give her guidance on how act around men and how to portray herself to distant herself from being labeled as a promiscuous woman. Ironically, a woman is not correlated with receiving an education, but only to maintain the household and the people in it. …show more content…
A woman is trained to be a servant at a young age and encouraged to be perfect always. Sadly, the mother is teaching her daughter what she as taught, so the daughter can later teach her daughter to continue the enforced inherited trait. The mother demands her daughter several times to where the daughter finally questions why she cannot do something and then an ending question for clarity. In addition, a female’s role who is also an African America is very limited compared to a male. A male is more likely than a woman to be encouraged to continue their education, have multiple dialogues with several different women, have opinions, and are not required to do