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'Think of a place, a person and an object that you feel connected to and explain why’. Jamal stared at the question, then at this teacher, then back at the question. He felt a feeling he has never experienced before, a feeling of emptiness and a feeling of confusion. Jamals teacher
Mrs Tory instructed her class to get started on the task that was written on the board, then if not completed, to finish it for homework `it’s the first week back from holidays so I expect it to be done!’. The rest of the class became silent, heads down, pens writing. Jamal sit and stared at the board until the words began to blur. 'Where did he feel connected to?', he beganto ask himself,'do i feel connected to any peron? Or place ?'. He realised that There was never a person in his life he felt as though he could trust and could rely on for help, nor was there ever a moment he felt connected to a specific place. It was at that particular moment in time, jamal realized he didn’t belong anywhere. The bell rings for hometime at 3:30 pm and Jamal is the first out the door. His mother is already at the gates waiting his arrival in her brown toyota camry 2000. His mother is tall with dark rich skin and short curly hair, jamal on the other hand got his light skin color from his father. That is only onlt imapct he has had in jamals life, providing him a skin colour. He steps into his car and his mother drives away from the school. ‘ how was your day?’, his mother inquired,’fine’, was jamals dry reply.’just fine?’ , ‘yes’. The rest of the way home was quiet drive back to his small city of Compton in California. However The ride home wasn’t as quiet for jamal. All he could think of were reasons as to why he felt like a piece of his life was missing. Like it wasnt complete.

‘mama, wheres dad?’ this question unexpectedly flew out of jamals mouth, 'all i want to know is why this family has fallen apart'. His mother just pulled into the driveway when jamal asked the question. 'Lets go inside baby and we'll talk about it then, okay’ , fury raged inside of jamal,‘ no mama I want to know why I have no family to love!’,'jamal of course we love you,your father was not a good man, he left this family by his own will and there was nothing I could do to stop it, im sorry that your life is ruined because of him'. 'dad didn’t ruin my life, you all did, I haven’t seen Tremaine, karim and musa in months mama, there my brothers, where are they ?’ ‘there adults now baby they can go and do what they like’. ‘ your pathetic.'
Jamal storms off away from the house, his mothers shouting slowly turns into an ecco, then a whisper, then a mere memory. He bolted off turning random corners with just one aim, get as distant as possible from that place. A thought then leaped into his mind at that exact moment,' is that place worth being called a home? ‘Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?’. If a boy couldn’t belong to his family, what could he belong to ? jamal slowed to a stop to catch his breath and decided he was far enough away from the house to start walking. As his feet crushed the rubble of the abandoned rickety roads of
Compton, he strolled with his hands in his hoodie pockets and a the hood on his head.
Thoughts racing through his mind faster than light travels to earth,all he wanted was an answer as to why his life is a failure. As he continued on his jaunt, he passed by An old homeless man, sitting on the curb with a sign that read ‘HOMELESS BUT NOT HOPELESS,

ANY CHANGE GIVEN, GOD BLESS’. Jamal reached into his back jean pocket and found a few pennies and tossed it into the hat that was provided. The man acknowledged this gesture by saying ’godbless’ & jamal continued on his pointless walk. jamal stopped abruptly and returned to the homeless man. He sat beside him and asked ‘how did you end up like this?’.
The man was shocked that this question was asked so unexpectedly but nonetheless he felt