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Burao is the second city in Somaliland ,you can get there by air plane there is a big air port is called burao airport and there are a lot of different transports like texi,and buses. The burao have 4 sessions and it always very hot the tempeture is about is warm and dry year round. The average daytime temperatures during the summer month of June and August. I recommended that the best time to go is the summer time because a lot of tourist come and visit burao. The people live in burao are all Muslim and they all wear something called hijab for womens,they have something called henna on their hands when they have some festivals and weddings, the women wear a Baarti a long loose cotton dress made in many patterns and colours. It is usual for women to cover their hair with a scarf. These often match the material of the dress. For special occasions such as weddings, parties, or Eid, Somali women will wear Dirac. This is a silky shiny and high decorated top-dress and also they like to wear gold jewellery and necklace, earrings and rings. Somali people eat something called canjeero for breakfast; this is like a pancake that you can eat for breakfast. We have a special day for Somaliland people for them to celebrate is called 18th of may all the people come out and celebrate some people go for parties and some stay at home. That day they all wear the Somaliland flag as clothes they made it as clothes and bring some flags as well. The population is about