James and the giant peach Essay

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James was a miserable boy who lived with his two mean and greedy aunts, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker in England. One day, while he was doing his chores outside, an unusual man came up to him and gave him some magical bag of crystals to eat. If he ate those crystals the loveliest things would happen to him. James dropped the bag and the crystals fell all over the ground. The crystals wriggled to the ground and were lost forever. On that day an unusual thing happened, a peach tree in the backyard of the mean aunts’ house began to grow a very big peach, the size of a small house. On that night, James was left outside in the darkness as a punishment for no reason from his aunts. He saw the peach and noticed a big hole in it. James looked inside the hole of the peach and noticed it was a tunnel leading to the pit of the peach. He went inside the tunnel until he got to the pit of the peach. In the pit was a door. James pushed it open and saw the most peculiar sight. James saw six human sized bugs that could talk too, a worm, a centipede, a ladybug, a grasshopper, a spider, a glow worm, and a silkworm. James was at first scared of them, but after a while he became friends with the large bugs. The next day, the bugs decided to go rolling in the peach into different places in the world. So the centipede cut the stem of the peach that was still attached to the peach tree with his sharp teeth and off James and his friends went rolling to new places until they found themselves floating on an ocean. To get out of the ocean, James made a plan to make many silk strings from the silk worm and the spider and attach them to seagulls so they could float in the air. When he had attached about five thousand seagulls with the silk strings, the peach began to float in the air. James and his friends floated all the way to New York. There, James and the bugs were greeted by many people. He let all the people in New York eat the peach until only the pit was left. His friends, the life-sized bugs, were able to obtain jobs in New York