James Baldwin's The Mid-End Time

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How must humans achieve fulfillment within themselves and with others? James Baldwin, an author and public intellectual, studied and analyzed the common, unconscious beliefs that interconnect humans, especially African Americans and white Americans. Based on his research, he outlined his beliefs on how to create a united, loving people in his book, THE FIRE NEXT TIME. In many ways, THE FIRE NEXT TIME is a warning of the uprisings and violence that will ensue if African Americans and white Americans continue to despise one another and whites continue to suppress blacks. However, Baldwin believes this outcome isn't inevitable. On the contrary, Baldwin is hopeful for America's future. He believes that in order to set America on the path to prosperity, equality, trust, …show more content…
According to Baldwin, African Americans, similarly to accepting oneself before loving others, must confront their own history before accepting whites. Baldwin states "The paradox - and a fearful paradox it is - is that American Negro can have no future anywhere... as long as he is unwilling to accept his past" (81). Baldwin believes that African Americans must not align with Elijah Muhammad and others who believe in what is essentially reverse racism, a separation of states, and a return to Africa because it completely disregards and paints over their true history. Although descendants of Africans, many African Americans have no personal experience within Africa itself. Instead, they commonly use "back to Africa" to represent their rejection of America's primarily white society. Baldwin believes statements such as these build barriers between every American and further increase tensions between them as well. Rather than continuing this common trend, African Americans must accept their history and the ways in which America has shaped it, for better or