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Item 1: Avatar (2009, Director: James Cameron). Very useful as it displayed elements of science-fiction, fantasy and romance genres, which are common in many of James’s earlier films. Also follows the subject matter of man versus machine.
Item 2: Aliens (1986, Director: James Cameron). This film followed the storyline of destruction versus peace. It had common themes and characters compared to that of Avatar and Titanic.
Item 3: Titanic (1997, Director: James Cameron). This film was a turning point in James Cameron’s career. It demonstrates that James is viable to produce films besides the science-fiction genre that people knew him for previously. James’s trademark theme of man vs machine is still evident throughout Titanic. Very useful.

Item 4: Rjurik Davidson. (2015). Avatar. MetroMagazine.
A very useful article which discusses the storyline of Avatar and James Cameron’s style an an auteur.

Item 5: Marquez, D. (2015, February 17). James Cameron’s Titanic, the French New Wave and Postmodern Historicity. Retrieved from
This very reliable article provides great insight of James Cameron’s motifs that are consistent throughout his earlier films; explosions, technical contraptions and surreal situations, which are suited mainly to a masculine audience. It discusses how the release of Titanic was a huge turning point in his career, as how his style as an auteur developed into one with universal themes that could reach out to a broader audience.

Item 6: Good, J. (2012, May 6). The Bio and Style of Director, James Cameron. Retrieved from American Cinema Class Blogspot: This useful website discusses James Cameron’s background information and a few institutions that influenced his career as an auteur. It also looks at James’s style as an auteur and the similarities that are present throughout his films.

Item 7: American Academy of Achievement. (2015). James Cameron. Retrieved from Academy of Achievement: This website was extremely significant for this task. It is the script of an interview with James Cameron himself. It provides information on the many institutions that influenced his love and fascination for film.

Item 8: Watkins, A. (2014, March 26). Director Profile: James Cameron. Retrieved from CinemaBlography:
This website outlined the common trademarks that are present through James Cameron’s films. Was very helpful for the task, and expressed his style as auteur.

Films should reflect a director’s personal creative vision in order for them to be classified as an ‘auteur’. James Cameron has a very distinctive style of directing which has shaped today’s popular culture. The many films that he has directed encompass beautiful imagery, captivating plots and powerful imagination. They reflect on his personal vision, and express his thoughts and feelings on the subject matters. The three films; Avatar, Aliens and Titanic, can be examined and compared for their similar styles, recurring themes and common actors. These elements clearly classify James Cameron as an independent and exceptional auteur.
Born on August 16th, 1954, James Cameron grew up in Ontario, Canada, where certain institutions influenced his love and fascination for film. James Cameron was heavily influenced by both of his parents; his mother being an artist and his father an electrical engineer. As a child, his mother took him to museums where he learnt to sketch the items on display. His father taught him to build things like toy airplanes and treehouses, and his love of technology inspired James’s trademark use of machines