James E Crisp Essay

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After Finishing Sleuthing the Alamo Davy Crockets last stand and other mysteries of the Texas revolution one has to applaud James E. Crisp and his dedication of unlocking the past and where Crisp investigates the fallacies and myths by exploring and decrypting and putting the puzzle together by researching the work of others like the de la Pena’s diary or the master thesis of Edward William Bartholomae in James E Crisp search for truths regarding the Texas revolution regarding Sam Houston’s speech was the Texas revolution a race war was Sam Houston a racist, the mystery of Davy Crockett surrender or his fight to the death and the paintbrush and the knife why was a race a significant factor to artist and their views on the Texas revolution. …show more content…
Crisp investigation. For one, the ideas or fallacies surrounding Sam Houston racist speech at the Refugio in January of 1836 where Sam Houston gave rousing speech where he called Mexicans Half-Indians. Paul Lack a famous historian even cited in his own novel, Crisp was shaken was Sam Houston a racist, was the Texas Revolution a race war. Crisp investigated Batholamae thesis and noticed a lot of mistranslation regarding the speech and spending vast amounts of research on Ehrenbergs memoir and Sam Houston writings Crisp believed that Ehrenberg embellished and these were of his own thoughts. The arguments surrounding the Texas revolution is this unicorn of mystery of all myths was surrounding the wild frontier man, folk hero and congressman David Crockett whether Davy surrendered to the Mexican army and was executed or that of Disney interpretation of Davy Crockett would never had allowed himself to be captured and fought to the death. James E. Crisp during this chapter puts the reader right in the middle of this debate where there is a passionate group of individuals in their protection of the legend of David Crockett in his final hours. The themes of the story race in the chapter the