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English Composition I
Dr. Clemens Fox
“Writing Project 3”
On November 22nd 1963 a terrible tragedy occurred at the Delahey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The 35th president of the United States was assassinated in broad daylight during a presidential visit in the city. Many people were held off by police officers for questioning and every single license plate number was written down. Many questions have been answered, but there are more unanswered questions than there are answered ones. Many believe there was man out to get the president for personal gain. Around this time in the United States there were many problems with the way employers were treating their employees. Many labor unions started to form in order to protect the workers from unfair decisions made by their superiors. That’s when a man who had good intentions steps up to the plate. This man’s name is Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa did enjoy helping people, but he also enjoyed power. This is what led to his corruption and what caused him to team up with the mafia in Chicago. Then we have another man who was involved with the assassination as to whom which I have some theories why he killed the president. This particular man’s name is Lee Harvey Oswald. The assassination of President Kennedy is indeed as mystery, but what also remains a mystery is Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance, Harvey Oswald’s motives, and Jack Ruby’s intentions and possible orders by a higher power. Here are a few theories that I have concerning this topic: 1) Hoffa might have ordered Kennedy to be assassinated in order for him to get out of prison faster. (The reason is because the only way for Hoffa to get out of prison would be if another president were to take over and grant Hoffa a pardon.) 2) I hypothesize that Hoffa told Fitzsimmons to hire an assassin to do the job. (The man hired was Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald then proceeded to assassinate the president on November 22, 1963 by utilizing a sniper rifle.) 3) I hypothesize that since Oswald could technically snitch on the person that hired him in order for the sentence to be reduced Oswald would do it. (Well we all know the phrase “Snitches end up in ditches” well this turns out to be true in this scenario.) 4) I hypothesize that Fitzsimmons and Hoffa were scared that Oswald would ultimately snitch them out, so they decided to hire another assassin in order to get rid of Oswald.
Jimmy Hoffa was born on February 14, 1913 in Brazil, Indiana. Jimmy was born to a poor working-class family, which led him to a lifelong commitment in representing organized labor unions. Jimmy Hoffa was indeed a man who was associated with the mafia once he started his labor union in his hometown in the 1930’s. Hoffa used the mafia as a bodyguard like object and the mafia used Hoffa as a money making puppet. Many believe Hoffa was interconnected with the assassination of President Kennedy and the assassin Harvey Oswald. So the main questions are: (1) Who called the hit on President Kennedy and why? (2) Who killed Oswald and why? And (3) What happened to Jimmy Hoffa?
Hoffa lived in the small town of Brazil, Indiana where his father died from lung disease in 1920. The reason Mr. Hoffa died is because he was a coal miner and we all know that mines back in these days were not very safe working environments. His mother then moved the family to Detroit, Michigan where he attended school until the ninth-grade. Soon after he dropped out Hoffa became a full time stock-boy at Kroger’s (a small grocery store.) When Hoffa turned 17 he cleverly planned a workers’ strike to coincide with the delivery of fresh fruit. The stores managers quickly subdued to the wants of the workers because they didn’t want their fruit and their profit to go down the drain. Soon after his surprising victory Hoffa incorporated Kroger’s workers into a local Teamster Union. (Teamster Union: Formed by the amalgamation of the Teamsters National Union in 1903. The organizations actual name is the