James K. Polk Dbq

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James K. Polk became interested in joining the members who make the political decisions for the United States. In 1819, as a young lawyer, he entered politics, served in the Tennessee legislature. While in the legislature, Polk became great friends with Andrew Jackson. While Polk was in the House of Representatives, he served as a chief lieutenant of Jackson and his bank war. Serving as a speaker through the years 1835-1839. Leaving to become governor of Tennessee after leaving as Jackson’s speaker. He was defeated for reelection in 1841 and again in 1843. Polk received the Democratic nomination for president of 1844, becoming the compromised candidate among his contenders. The first “Dark horse,” he defeated was a better known Whig nominee Henry Clay. Polk defeated Clay in an extremely close election by promising to annex Texas. …show more content…
Polk was elected to be the 11th president of the United States. Winning his campaign of nearly 40,000 (39.413) votes more than Clay. Even though he failed to receive majority votes from Tennessee. Polk won nearly 50% (49.54%) of the popular vote in the 1844 general election, a percentage that was slightly lower than the average of all elected presidents (51.04%). Only running for president once, James K. Polk main reasons of winning presidency were because he promised to annex Texas. James K. Polk foreign issues were his strong desire to expand land in the North American area. The President Polk Domestic policy was curtailing the use of federal funds for internal improvements, the restoration of an independent treasury and a reduction in tariffs. Achieving most his domestic goals during presidency. Passing Legislation of Walker Tariff, and Independent Treasury Act. As for his foreign issues, he had two major objectives which were to settle the borders of the Oregon territory, and acquiring