Essay James: Light and Battle Royal

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Kevonna Mccochran
Professor Snyder
English 132
April,1 2012

"Battle Royal" Analysis The Prologue is an introduction to the complex narration of how a man came to recognize his invisibility. When it starts he is acknowledging his invisibility and then proceeds to describe the states of the narrator’s life and how it will be at the end of the book. He first describes what he means by invisible he is not a man that has clear skin, or he is not a ghost; he is invisible by the way others react to him. They do not except his way of life so they treat him like they can’t see him For example when he tried to kill the white man that bumped into him on the street, he keep beating the man because he refused to apologize, and the man keep insulting him. The narrator soon realized that the man does not see him as a person/individual and the narrator walks away. Laughing at the thought that the man was almost killed by a “fragment of his imagination”. The narrator takes revenge on society by stealing electricity from the power company by filling his room with a bunch of light bulbs in his room he even puts lights in the cracks in his floor just to control as much light as he could. Light is truth he claims it this way, he hibernation will be warm and well lit and he will continue to live. The battle royal represents the state in which the white men of the society enjoy keeping the black men, in a state of darkness,