James Paul Gee Identity

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Inside out
In a short and concise definition, identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make a person. Do you think you have one inert identity to express yourself? Do you think everyone else can see you as one person? In the article “Identity as analytic lens for research in education, by James Paul Gee”, There is this sentence, “being recognized as a certain kind of person in a given context is what I mean here by ‘identity’”. Thus, identity can be solid only for the setting it is being applied, if we alter the setting, the same happens to identity; it is just the reflection of the context. So, it is ambiguous to depict identity in a situation when/where the context is not given. In a world when changes arise every time we breathe, man have to change its identity to adjust to the new world. A father who works as a manager in a company and his son can be good examples to illustrate the indistinctness of identity. Waking up in the morning, giving his son love kisses then going out for work, order his employees to do this to do that. One thing is true for this man he won’t go to work and give love kisses, narrate bedtime stories to his employees. This
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This is not two people but one man of a single soul and his identity is not as single as his soul, it is as diverse as the context. Now let’s consider visitors came to visit the man.