James Veitch Life Without A Little Fun Analysis

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What’s life without a little fun involved. In James Veitch’s speech the agony of trying to unsubscribe he talks about the one of his frustrations having and a way to deal with it, which is by having some fun. Veitch’s main idea is when you are bored or frustrated play a game because anything in life can be fun, if you find the right game. I agree with him because a little fun never hurt nobody. Especially when frustrated or stressed out it’s like a breather from reality and a little laughter never hurt nobody and sure can get you through the day. The evidence I have to prove my opinion is having small amount of control over something that annoys you, creating something small to have endless enjoyment and finding ways to be more spontaneous in your life. Now I will further explain my evidence to support my opinion. Has something really annoys you to the point where it drives you crazy? I know I sure do I hate when my brother chews loudly when eating, it sure can drive a girl up the wall. So what do I do to stop it from grinding my gears? I start doing the same thing chewing like a cow making weird noises right in front of him which make him slight annoyed with …show more content…
“And that might have been the end of the story, but I remembered that anything-everything—even something mundane as getting out of the car, can be fun if you find the right game.” Veitch is absolutely right, there nothing wrong with having some innocent fun, it could make the biggest problems seems like the smallest ones when you’re having a good time. It’s like putting your dirty laundry away in the basket, you could turn it into a shooting game pretend your Michael Jordan going for a 3 pointer. But I know my room not a basketball court and I’m not the world greatest basketball player but that’s the idea. Let your imagination run wild with harmless fun. It could make you forget about a stressful for day or just make life more