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James Dewey Watson:
Who is James Dewey Watson:
James was born in Chicago on April 6th, 1928. James attended a 8 year Horace Mann Grammar School after he attended a south shore high school for 2 years. James received an tuition scholarship for the Chicago university. James attended there college in the summer of 1943 for a 4 years experimental. In 1947 he received a B. SC degree in zoology. James at his young age was maturing and founded on what he wanted to do. James was fonded in bird-watching had him desire to learn genetics. This became possible for him because he had a fellowship for graduate study in zoology at Indiana University at Bloomington, then that where he received his Ph.D. degree in zoology during the 1950.
Who was James working with?
James joined the Cavendish laboratories with Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, and Linus Pauling. The group was racing to determine the structure of the DNA.
Who was James Inspiration?
James was in Indiana for university when he was deeply inspired by both geneticists H.J Muller, T.M Sonneborn, and by S.E Luria. S.E Luria is a huge influence on James because Luria is the Indiana bacteriology department Watson PH.D thesis. Luria helped James understand and guide him to study effect of hard x-rays on bacteriophage multiplication.
What did James study?
James in September 1950 – September 1951 he spent with a bunch of scientist at the postdoctoral in Copenhagen as a merck Fellow of