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TBWA Chiat Day Agency Briefing on Jameson Advertising Campaign

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Overview Jameson is currently the world’s favorite Irish whiskey. It is the world’s most recognizable Irish whiskey and is also the best-selling by a long shot. Over 30 million bottles of Jameson’s whiskey is sold every year. There are seven main whiskies within the Jameson brand (Straightwhisky, 2013).
Marketing Mix
Jameson whiskey is the main whiskey within the Jameson brand. It is a blend that incorporates the whiskey from malted barley and unmalted barley. There is pot still whiskey and grain whiskey in the blend and the aging process uses a combination of sherry casks and bourbon casks. The whiskey is then triple
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They believe disruption is not limited to marketing and communications, but can be applied to every facet of a business. They also think disruption is about finding brand ideas that create growth. Media arts are about defining how those ideas can thrive in the world. They also believe media arts is a practice not a theory. To Chiat Day it is about creating meaningful brand connections and managing a brand’s behavior in media and the world, and when they say media they mean any space between a brand and the audience. Their definition of media arts is, “When you bring your brand idea alive in the right medium to an audience tuned in and open to your story, then you’re not creating advertising. You’re creating meaning (, 2013).” The reason this agency worked so well for Jameson is because “The Jameson family story rich in heritage,” said Hartunian. “We are introducing a unique way to bring the brand to life with a witty personality and authenticity (, 2009).”
Jameson Whiskey Creative Brief
The Project: Promote Jameson whiskey
1. To create awareness of the brand
2. To strengthen the brand position
3. To create a consumer-brand relationship
Target Audience:
Ages 25-34 years old
Alcohol consumers
Urban areas
Technologically savvy
Positioning Statement/Creative Message Strategy: Jameson is