Jamestown Dbq Analysis

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King James I was the current king when Jamestown was founded in 1607. There were 110 passengers on the ship that arrived to Virginia first. They went there to hopefully find riches, and maybe even a trade route to China. Many colonists died in the first few years because the Natives attacked and killed the them. Doc B is a timeline by J. Frederick Fausz in 1990 titled “An Abundance of Bloodshed on Both Sides: England’s First Indian War, 1609-1614”, this timeline was in a magazine. It shows the number of people who died, and the causes of death, in Jamestown between 1607-1610. According to Doc B, of the 542 English settlers at Jamestown between 1607-1610, 150 were killed by Indians. Additionally, according to Doc B, the Indians started attacking