Jamestown Essay

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Neo Zhang 9/18/14 Death was everywhere! In May 1607, 110 English colonists arrived at the Chesapeake Bay in the hopes of finding Gold, God, and Glory. They were all wanting to create the first permanent English settlement in North America. But sadly the first five years of the colony 80% of 500 colonists died (Background Essay). Why did so many colonists die in Early Jamestown? There were three main reasons why so many colonists die, they are the environment settlers skills, and the relationship with the Powhatans. One reason so many colonists died was because of the environment. ”fish one present in local streams but only in the spring and early summer” (Doc A). The colonists only had food for half the summer. If the colonists hunted for other food, or looked in other areas for food they would have survived. They had droughts and floods (Doc A). They could have went more inland because of the flood, and could have moved to another place for water. There were brackish waters (Doc A). They could not keep hydrated because the water mixed with salt water. They could have found a new source of water. Second reason so many colonists died because of the settlers skills. They brought to many gentlemen, men who don’t usually work with their hands (Doc A). There weren’t enough laborers, who worked on making houses or buildings. They could have brought more people to work then sit around and do nothing. There was only one surgeon and pharmacist. If the colonists were sick they couldn’t treat all the patients, and if some colonists were injured the surgeon couldn’t treat them all. Colonists couldn’t drink from water because it was…