Jamestown: Learning and Supplies Edible Fruit Essay

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JAMESTOWN I would have sent hardworking people. Also, those who can reach consensus on issues at hand and work on them. The type of governing system would consist of a decision maker who listens to his or her people, and a committee of men and women who come up with good ideas, or who have track records of being voices of reason. No one in this group, or anyone else who comes over, should think any job or task to be beneath them. I would also have skilled men and women who can use the tools of the day, or make clothing or goods we cannot now buy from England, since we would then be across the Atlantic Ocean from merchants or finished goods. And at least one or two persons who are skilled at hard survival for emergencies. We would need some people with farming skills, and hunting skills to assure us of eating.This also means we need a cook, and a backup cook. Most of us should be willing to teach each other his skill; we would all need to be well-rounded in skills and capabilities to contribute to the groups survival. We should all be willing to share and pool acquired food and resources in the very beginning.
I would bring for supplies edible fruit and food for the voyage; and also enough to last until we begin to hunt and farm as well as discover what food plants are near us. I would bring as much seed as I could buy for farming. I would bring cooking pots of the day for the cook, which I believe were then cauldrons and skillets. I would bring textiles to be sewn into clothing. I would bring grain and flour, the flour mainly to bake bread. I would bring a Bible to be read when somebody wanted to hear it.
For location, I would have chosen a "middle state", for it's moderate climate. The states known as middle states are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. They are neither New England states, which are too cold, nor southern states, which are hot enough to make some people suffer.
For growth, I would have us all build one big building that could house us all, if need be.